Tuesday, September 2, 2008


by Stan C. Countz
[Not Autobiographical]

The kids and I took a little drive
On a sunny Sunday afternoon
We talked about love and life
And how the dish ran away with the spoon

We talked about how the princess
Didn’t find the prince so charming anymore
We spoke in similes and metaphors
Then drove home and did our chores

The next time we got together
We talked sports scores and the weather
How we were down to the last inning
About choosing and losing and winning

We went on a picnic and went to the zoo
Talked about Peter Pan and the man in the moon
Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone
Playin’ in the sand and their favorite cartoon

As I recall, it was mid-October
I didn't know; I couldn't see
Their youth would soon be over
They were turnin’ into teens

The next time they saw me
They were eating salami and watchin' TV
I asked them what they’d been doin’
They said their life had been ruined
I asked “By whom.” They said “By me.”

I sent them to their rooms and counted to three
I wondered “What did I do to deserve this?”
When it was time to leave, I couldn’t believe it
They wouldn’t even give me a hug or a kiss…
It was the end of innocence

What could’ve happened in just one week?
I was so shocked I could barely speak…
She’d changed the locks and called the police
Who knows what she’d told them about me?

My youngest girl came over to me
And she was sad and crying
I sat her down on my knee
And she said “Mommy’s lying

She’s trying to make you look bad
To that mean police man
And now I’m boilin’ mad
I think you’re a good dad.”

I know it’s been quite a long time
Since things have been fine between you and me
But just because we're on the skids
Doesn't mean you can use my kids against me
That’s where I draw the line

So take my advice
I know the truth can hurt
Be kind and be nice
No need to drag them through the dirt

We have to work together
If we hope to make it through
Stay focused and stay on track
And be careful what we say and do

And one day we’ll look back and smile
Once we’ve walked that second mile
We’ve aced the test and won the trial
Done our best with grace and style

As far as I'm concerned
The world don’t need more Girls Gone Wild
We need to learn to see the world
Through the eyes of a child

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